I had this model built for a friend who is an Arsenal supporter and a good flyer. Any footy fans may notice an old home strip on top of the model and an equally old away strip underneath the model. He is taking a break from the hobby whilst he peruses women and cars (hopefully Dave will come back into the fold one day). The model is fun to fly, especially with the air brakes and the oversized ailerons.

MakeChris Foss Designs
ModelWot 4 Mk3
Wingspan1415mm (55¾")
Length1145mm (45")
Weight2.860kg (6lb 5oz)
C of Gtba

Power Train
EngineA 60 with a gold head and a big O on the side of the crank case
Fuel TankSullivan Seanless - Pylon Brand SS-10
PropellerGraupner Super Nylon 11x10 (28-25)

Radio Gear
ReceiverFutaba FP-R138DF
Receiver NicadRipmax Sanyo 5 cell (6v) 1400mAh
Aileron ServoFutaba S3001 x 2
Elevator ServoFutaba S3001
Throttle ServoFutaba S3003
Rudder ServoFutaba S3003
Air Brake ServoFutaba S3003
Switch etc.Futaba

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