This model is the Holzmann Trio. It is fitted with an Aveox F27 motor and a Schulz speed controller with 72 FETs onboard. It has a 27 cell battery pack, and will easily climb vertical.

Wingspan1780mm (70")
Length1030mm (40½")
Weight (inc. battery)2.575kg (5lb 11oz)
C of Gnot known

Power Train
MotorAVEOX F27
ControllerSchulze future-80Fo
BatterySayno Cadnica N-1250 SCRL x 27 (pack weighs 1.200kg)
PropellerR.F. 15/13 Carbon Fibre - Folding

Radio Gear
ReceiverFutaba FP-R149DP
Receiver Nicadnot known
Aileron Servonot known x 2
Elevator Servonot known
Switch etc.Futaba SWH13 Switch Harness / Charge Cord x 2
Futaba NCC9 DSC / Charge Adapter

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