This is a Precedent T240. The first model met with a large mishap at the end of the first days flying. The problem all started with a parachutist who was a bit reluctant to jump, he basically got caught on the way out of the bomb release. The parachute did get sucked out and caused the model to dive into the top of a tree. The model, and parachutist, spent the night up the tree until a very helpful tree surgeon came to their rescue. This model was powered by an OS120FS, which flew the model well, but would not be powerful enough to act as a glider tug.

My version will be used as a:

The Future
Very fortunately a fellow modeller gave me another airframe, three-quarters finished. This was whisked round to John, a model builder, to add the finishing touches: wings, covering, radio gear, engine, etc.

The new model will have a Zenoah G45 power plant fitted with a Hydro-Mount-System supplied by Toni Clark.