This is a Laser Arrow. This model is intended to have an IC engine, which mine originally did. It started life with a Magnum 60 Pro, but this was not very reliable so I fitted an OS 90 two-stroke with a tuned pipe. This proved to be a little too much for the airframe and it shook the front of the model to pieces in flight.

I decided to rebuild the model, but to convert it to electric. The green version was the first derivative, which suffered damaged on landing due to the open airframe and a rough landing area, so I planked part of the underneath and recovered the model in yellow. This was using a brushed motor and worked but with all of the NiCads it was heavy.

I then covered the model in red and upgraded the motor and speed controller to be brushless and changed to a LiPo for the power. I also added a seperate LiPo for the receiver with a regulator; this was just to be safe as I was unsure of the BEC with the higher current.

For the cooling, I have drilled four holes around the spinner, to let the air in, and made a hold in the back of the canopy, behind Mickey's head, to allow the hot air to escape.

On the ground the model was drawing 62 Amps.

MakeLaser Models
ModelLaser Arrow
Wingspan1000mm (39½")
Length750mm (29½")
Weight (dry)1.28kg (2lb 13oz)
Weight (RTF)1.71kg (3lb 12oz)
C of Gnot known

Power Train
MotorScorpion S-3026-8
Speed Controller (ESC)Castle Creations Phoenix 125
Battery PackFlightPower 11.1V LiPo EON-X 30C 5000mAh 3S
PropellerGraupner CAM Folding Prop 11x6 (28x15)

Radio Gear
ReceiverFutaba R608FS
Elevon ServoFutaba S3001 x 2
Elevon ServoFlightTech FT5AVR
Elevon ServoFlightPower 7.4V LiPo EVO-Lite 1345mAh 2S

The model is an excellent flyer, I always get comments on how she looks in the air.

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