This is my Daughter's model aircraft, on which she intends to learn to fly, with buddy-box. This is the Hanger 9 1/4 Scale J3 Cub. The model was professionally built for me, sorry for her, using new parts throughout. The standard undercarriage has been replaced with a Robart version (Robart code #690). The engine is the OS FT-160, fitted with onboard glow and in-flight mixture control. The pilot is from Pete's Pilots, the dashboard is assembled from the Hanger 9 accessory kit, the rest of the cockpit detail is all custom made from photographs I took of a full-size J3 in La Ferté Alais. The aircraft registration is G-MCKY, which is a G for Great Britain and MCKY being an abbreviation of Micky (Michaela's nickname).