This is a Gremlin Combat model. We are supposed to use a 25 FP but this model has a 40 FP. I therefore do not use it for combat; I was given the old 40 FP by a work colleague, so I dropped it into a Gremlin. This has since been replaced with an OS 25.

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The Future
I have two other engines that can be swapped in: OS 40 FP and OS 46 FX.

MakeRCM Plans #1134 (issue 12/92)
ModelGremlin Combat Model
Wingspan1215mm (48")
Length610mm (24")
Weight1.635kg (3lb 9¾oz)
C of Gnot known

Power Train
EngineOS Max 25 FX
Fuel TankSulivan Seamless - Pylon Brand SS-10
PropellerRAM 9x6 (23x15) - Made in England

Radio Gear
ReceiverFutaba FP-R115F
Receiver NicadRipmax 4 cell (4.8v) 270mAh
Elevon ServoFutaba S3001 x 2
Throttle ServoFutaba FP-S148
Switch etc.Futaba Switch Harness

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