This model was an ebay purchase. It is an electric powered (540 size) Focke Wulf 190. It uses a belt drive to turn a bigger propellor; this also means the model is a lot quieter than if it were using a gearbox.

ModelFocke Wulf FW 190 A
Wingspan1200mm (47¼")
Length0000mm (00")
Weight0.00kg (0lb 00oz)
C of Gnot known

Power Train
MotorGraupner Speed500 7.2v ECO Race (Best Nr 6300)
Battery PackRipmax Sanyo 9.6v 2400mAh NiCad
Speed ControllerJETI 6-12 NiCd JES350 ECO
ReductionMFA Belt-Drive (18 to 40)
PropellerRAM 10x7 (25x18) - Made in England

Radio Gear
ReceiverFutaba FP-R115F
Aileron ServoFutaba S3101
Elevator ServoFutaba S3101
Rudder ServoFutaba S3101

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