This was bought as a kit, many years ago. I have both wings, the aileron wing and the soaring wing. The model has been fitted with a bungee release hook underneath and a tow release in the nose.

MakeFlair Products Ltd
Wingspan (Aileron)1810mm (71¼")
Wingspan (Soaring)2540mm (100")
Length1145mm (45½")
Weight (Aileron)1.280kg (2lb 13oz)
Weight (Soaring)1.470kg (3lb 3¾oz)
C of Gnot known

Radio Gear
ReceiverFutaba FP-R107N
Receiver NicadCustom Made 5 cell (6v)
Aiwa 600mAh KR-AA KR15/51
Aileron Servo (Aileron)Futaba S3001 x 2
Elevator ServoFutaba S3001
Rudder ServoFutaba S3001
Tow Release ServoFutaba S3106
Air Brake Servo (Soaring)Ripmax Micro SD200 x 2
Switch etc.Futaba Switch Harness

The Future
Get the model out on the bungee.