This was an auction purchase (not ebay). It was towards the end of the evening and I was not sure what I was bidding on; in fact I still have no idea what I have bought. All I have been told is that it was designed for free-flight and it would have meant to have a de-themiliser fitted.
The tail is fitted underneath to protect something; I know it is meant to detach off when landing, hopefully not before!

The Future
I will fit radio gear and attempt a flight.

MakeNo Idea
ModelNo Idea
Wingspan2490mm (98")
Length1730mm (68¼")
Weight1.905kg (4lb 32¼oz)
C of Gnot known

Radio Gear
Receiver NicadRipmax
Elevator ServoFutaba
Rudder ServoFutaba
Switch etc.Futaba SWH13 Switch Harness / Charge Cord

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