I bought the minibus standard on Monday 7th June 1993. I have since added the number plate TOY 70W, which looks a bit like TOY TOW.

Engine & Gearbox
I bought a Rover V8 engine and manual gearbox from a breakers which Wisbech Engineering fitted and got the vehicle running again. Since then the engine has had a rebuild and a four barrel Holley Carburettor fitted. As the manual gearbox put the gear lever so far back and there was very little room for three pedals I have had an automatic gearbox fitted. It has Mark IV Transit steering with power assisted steering.
This has been changed again for a 3.5 EFi unit from a Range Rover. This came with all of the ancillaries, including air conditioning. Further modifications were made to the firewall to allow the plenum chamber to fit, but a worthwhile operation.

Wheels & Tyres
Wisbech have narrowed a Ford 9" axle by 8 inches. I tried many Ford axles for transits but the ratios were all wrong for the Rover engine and gearbox combination. All rims will be from Centerline Wheels and are the STYLE 06 AUTO DRAG POLISHED, the tyres are all Mickey Thompson Sportsmans. The rear rims are a massive 15x15 which are shod with 31x18.50-15 tyres. The front rims are 15x10 which are shod with 29x12.50-15 tyres.

The vehicle has had all of the rust removed. The rear arches have been welded in place and de-seamed. The front arches are a pair of highly modified rear arches, which have been grafted onto the front wings.
The front cross-member, grill, bonnet slam panel and one-off spoiler are all welded into one unit and are removable. The seam where they attach will be the only visible seam on the whole vehicle. One bonus of doing this is the engine is very easy to access, as can be seen in some of the pictures.
The bonnet is new, but again has been modified to take Sierra Cosworth bonnet vents (originals, not copies). The bonnet now lifts on a pair of rams and does not need the metal stay to support it. The windscreen washers are from a Mondeo and there will be under bonnet lighting, again from a Mondeo.
The bonnet has been fitted with rams to keep it up, instead of the usual metal stay.
I have spent a couple of weeks of evening laying underneath with a wire brush attachment in a drill, cleaning all of the old rust and muck off. Once that was done, I wiped and scrubbed the underside with pre-paint wipe and then wax-oiled the whole underneath.
It has now been painted using a Ford colour, what else, Imperial Blue.

On the Road
It has passed its MOT on Monday 23th May 2005.

The Future
The next stage is to have the seats (eight in total) fitted, and then get the thing re-wired.

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