I bought this car in November 2001. It is an historic vehicle, which means is is not subject to UK road tax. It is an original Karmann Convertible Beetle 1303S. I have since added the numberplate HOT 700L, which looks a bit like HOT TOOL.

Engine & Gearbox
It currently has a 1300cc engine with a Firepower coil, leads and a 009 distributer.

Wheels & Tyres
It has been lowered all round and had polished Porsche Fuchs wheels.

Exterior and Interior
The interior is black leather, piped in blue. The external colour is BMW Estoril Blue Metallic.

The Future
I am having a Porsche 914 transmission (gearbox) fitted in February which will give me a fifth gear. I hope to have a two litre engine built. I intend to use 90.5mm pistons and a 78mm stroke to give 2007cc. I may increase the stroke (82mm = 2110cc / 84mm = 2161cc / 86mm = 2213cc).